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Aaron A. Schmid

Solo paddled to New Orleans from Indiana and a big fan of kayaking. Super stoked to be able to share my love of the water with everyone!

Allen Rocha

Hope you had a great time!

Bob Fink

Thank you very much, I love my job! I hope you had as much fun out there as I did!

Chelsie Doran

Thank you for joining me out on the water, and I hope you enjoy Glacier National Park!


Always here to spice up your day

Dominic Urso

I hope you enjoyed your trip! Best of luck on future adventures.

Ella Luepke "Enchilada"

Yee haw!

Evan Groth "Schmidty"

Hope you had a fantastic time!


Hope you enjoyed your trip

GOC Housekeeping Team

We hope you enjoyed your stay!

Jordan Goodman

Thanks for coming out! Hope you had a great time!

Karie Helms

Thank you for sharing your day with me! Create a beautiful day!

Kelsey Russo

Hope you had a wonderful trip, I am so glad I got to take you out on the river! Cheers and safe travels!

Kyle Knutson

Enjoy the day!

Maddy Reynolds

Thanks for rockin and rollin on the river with me! Hope you guys come back soon! 🤟🤟🤟

Matt Stevenson

Hope you had as great a time as I did! Cheers!

Moira Bruce

Nothing better than rafting with GRC! Have an amazing summer! :)

Natalie Burton "Nat"

I hope you guys had a great time on the river! (:

Preston Blain

Hope you had an awesome white water Rodeo! 🤠

Riley Ewing

Enjoy Glacier!

Sam Hartigan

Thanks for coming rafting with GRC!

Sami Austin

Thanks for a great trip down the river!


:) Thank you for coming down the river with me!


t’s me I’m crazy

Sydney Whitacre "Shaw"

Hope you had fun!


Thanks for coming out!!


Thanks for visiting us at GRC! Hope you had a fantastic trip :)



William Borrell "Frank"

Hope you had a blast, come again!